“Passing the bar is not an end in itself. It is not a goal that you reach. It is a door that you open.” – Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr.


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Law Blog

This blogsite is launched primarily with a noble purpose to reach out Muslim law students who are preparing for the bar exam by sharing vital tips and techniques as well as case digests of the recent rulings of the Highest Court of the land, and ultimately to invigorate the legal profession.

Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL): GR No. 197571, 03 April 2017

CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION, Petitioner, vs. CRISOSTOMO M. PLOPINIO, Respondent. FACTS: Respondent Crisostomo M. Plopinio served as a COMELEC Election Officer III of Sipocot, Camarines Sur, prior to his separation from the service. A certain Alberto G. Adan (Adan) filed a letter-complaint against respondent alleging that because of respondent’s frequent absences, respondent failed to act on …

Ireneo Jugueta Ruling: On the Matter of Damages

April 5, 2016 G.R. No. 202124 PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Plaintiff-Appellee, vs. IRENEO JUGUETA, Accused-Appellant. Salient Facts: In Criminal Case No. 7698-G, appellant Ireneo Jugueta was charged with Double Murder, defined and penalized under Article 248 of the Revised Penal Code, allegedly committed as follows: That on or about the 6th day of June 2002, …

Imbong vs Ochoa

JAMES M. IMBONG AND LOVELY-ANN C. IMBONG, for themselves and in behalf of their minor children, LUCIA CARLOS IMBONG and BERNADETTE CARLOS IMBONG and MAGNIFICAT CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, INC., Petitioners, vs. HON. PAQUITO N. OCHOA, JR., EXECUTIVE Secretary, HON. FLORENCIO B. ABAD, Secretary, Department of Budget and Management, HON. ENRIQUE T. ONA, Secretary, Department of …


The task of learning the law and the discipline of hard work did not end with passing the Bar. This is only the beginning.

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